Investor Relations

“You don't have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream."

South Asia Internasional Distribution (SAID)

South Asia International Distribution (SAID) operates in supporting Transportation Industry and Air Transportation. It is in Malaysia pointed in Pasir Gudang. In latest 2017 South Asia International Distribution claimed has increase by profit 406.71%. South Asia International Distribution has net profit margin increased by 0.86% in 2017and also reported has 218.28% assets growth. IA Group through IA Energy has focused on construction and mining services. Indonesia known as a resourceful country with a large number of local mines. Our vision is to encourage what we can gain from nature and utilize it for a better purpose. We believe that our business experience can make our services on construction and mining be the role model and the leading ones in whole global market. Renewable Energy has more attention in the world. IA Group joined with a great company in Asia continent known S.A.I.D (South Asia International Distribution) located in Malaysia. We lead South Asia’s largest market of mining demand exclusively in innovating renewable energy such Palm Kernel Shell. Sustaining a good as what the fact runs, PKS known as renewable energy which had a good quality. Since increasing demand from Asia Pacific, China and also Europe, IA Group through IA Energy proves that PKS would be the better renewable energy choice to help the whole new world.

PT. Kalpa Bara Indonesia

Inspired by the great nature given to Indonesia’s land and as the dependable innovators we prove to the world that the earth is not doing well, so we develop on what energy has been offered on this earth for us. The decrease of fossil fuels that have been used to produce energy, so it is required alternative gear that is able to produce energy without using fossil fuels. Ibrahim Alattas Group collaborated with PT Kalpa Bara Indonesia. It’s specialized in producing renewable energy to fulfill International Market’s demand. Briquette is one of renewable energy that is easy to find because provided by nature. We agreed to make a deal in producing coconut briquettes to increase economic value and also utilize what Indonesia’s land provides in a large scale and massive stock based on market’s demand.

Signing MOU Acquisition Ibrahim Alattas Group with PT. Kalpa Bara Indonesia

Investment Strategy


Only invest in good and clean management. Great business is a business that lasts a long time.


We focus on principal progress and value-added business segments.


We guide to protect the secret of valuable determined for capitalizing and untapped value that others have failed to recognize.


Focus on thing that is easy understood, easy to do and easy to hold beneficial economic in long-term.