IA Agriculture is a pillar of Ibrahim Alattas Group that concentrate on agriculture and farming harvesting. Based on a long proses of journey and the experience of investing, sustainability on Food and Bio Energy sectors has a social care from IA Agriculture. Therefore, IA Agriculture offers the solution for solving the constant need of food and demand through harvest aids technology in order to increase quantity also quality harvest itself.

An excessive Energy utilization phenomenon has been already most popular issues on the entire world. Global warming issues, thinning fossil energy sources, and the extreme weather that plagues the world’s countries get more attention. Based on that fact, IA Energy comes as the problem solver through the better ways supported by the executive staff experienced. Therefore, IA Energy present as a bridge to solve offers technique-based technology that can be used to face the most fundamental issue that is Energy. Earth has an extraordinary natural wealth, including crops that can be used as fuel. Including mineral, minerals can be obtained through several stages. IA Energy

IA finance is one of IA Group pillars that focuses in Bank, insurance, financial audition, financial analyst, and other financial services and also consultation. IA Finance believes that the financial section, is that backbone the world economy that facing depression and positive sign requires extra attention to ensure stability in the economy, politics and global security. IA financial also committed to being an instrument that is sustainable with the world economic system and also to be financial instrument that is relevant in the 21st century which still requires a lot of innovation. Hereby IA Finance with its board, and all executives are determined to devote themselves to always ensuring healthy economic growth for the nations of the world.

Sustainability in food and drugs has become the most popular problem that should be solved. By the good innovation and spirit changing, the constant need of human consumption gets full of attention. IA Food and Drug aware about quality of the healthy food and beverage needed by people. According to the term from that we often encounter is ”Mensana In Corpore Sano” it means that in a healthy body is a strong soul. As what our Ibrahim Alattas Group’s founder known H.E, SIR. Mr. Ibrahim Ahmad Muhammad Alattas always remind us the healthy food could supply the good body.

IA Hospitality concern on real-estate business and other hospitality services. Based on the highest demand of innovation for smart and eco-friendly living, such as outbound, hotel, restaurant, shopping centre and other entertainment experience, IA Hospitality comes as the problem solver. Through an extraordinary investment, IA Hospitality will always take care for the sake of realizing people’s happiness and also our children’s smile.

IA Investment is one of IA Group pillar provides several services in related to investment such as private equity, hedge fund and other investment and capital services to develop portfolios and opportunities. IA Investment also serves shareholders to make sure in reaching profitable and to ashore scoring profit constantly. Our founder believes that the growth of economy and also the fast movement that lead by the technology industry. IA investment supports activities of others IA Group pillars.

Traveling has become a lifestyle for people in the entire world. People can see the beautiful earth by traveling from land to land with an enjoyable moment. IA Liner offers services that focuses on the logistics and transportation services included aviation and shipment. Therefore, IA Liner is enthusiast for increasing the capacity of traveling destination needed by the people on the earth. Accordingly, people can make a travel with an easier access supported by the better ways. The reality that cannot be denied is a country has relationship with other countries in Free Market Trade, therefore IA Liner offers an investment of logistic routes from one country to another.

Farms has been already being favourite business among entrepreneurs, because farms can generate considerable profits. Poultry and pastures business have a good prospect to be developed due the high demand for the livestock products. People’s consumptions have been IA Livestock comes as guidance to invest Poultry and Pastures also provides a high profit and becomes a source of income for many people. However, this business as same as other business that get a lot of waste that can be a pollution.

In order to fulfil the need for the fast-growing market, IA Machine concern in motors and machinery manufacturing business. IA Machine is eager to push the speed of innovation that will stimulus for capacity. In the future, machinery and motors will be develop to be the eco-friendly product. Therefore, IA Machine has an innovation and manufacturing experience that will be used to increase market’s need from the present and future life.

IA Technology comes as Ibrahim Alattas Group’s pillar that focuses on Telecommunication sector, E-Commerce, Digital Services and IT. IA Technology has a responsibility to carry on and achieve the most advance technology solutions needed for the entire world. Through IA Technology, we serve the easier access for information and services on technology.

IA Trading is an Ibrahim Alattas Group’s pillar that focuses on trading services, developing several-brand and promoting a better lifestyle of all segment of society. IA Trading offers an unlimited innovation and smart investment that would be an influencer in the global market and also stands as a role model in the entire world.