Board Members and Executives

We advantage and apply the experience
for over eleven business experts to
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Board Members and Executives

(Chairman & Founder of Ibrahim Alattas Group)

H.E Mr. Ibrahim Ahmad Muhammad Alattas is trendsetter and front-runner in the young business world. He was the definition of young talented professional businessman in present time. To a new chapter of globally business world, he supervises Ibrahim Alattas Group extensive holding company portfolio. He is the commissioner and founder of Ibrahim Alattas Group (IA group). Ibrahim Alattas Group’s portfolio of holding company include investment, technology, agriculture, machine, finance, hospitality, liner, trading, food & drug, energy and livestock by larger market scale on the entire world.

As his desires, in 2014 Mr. Ibrahim founded and established Cotton Phantom Indonesia, From there, he got his milestone in business widely. As well as he sits as a Chairman and Founder of Coconut State Indonesia located in North Sulawesi which has extraordinary natural resources and profitable constantly. And also, as a Chairman and Founder at UDIA Goods and as Chairman and Co-Founder at Glovori Technologies Indonesia.

Under the leadership of him, Ibrahim Alattas Group has shareholder in countless companies handled by an executive trained, experienced, and able to compete in holding company. Referring to the important thing that is investor satisfaction by increasing profitable and beneficial economic and social horizons, the company is moving straight which is supported by a broad and large portfolio.

Mr. Indra Pratama Kusumah with his experiences as a professional in Medco Group (one of the largest Indonesian Oil Company), as well as in 2011 – 2017 he joined at Sampoerna Group as Head of Corporate Affairs.

By almost two decades experience in several large corporations in Indonesia, he joined with Ibrahim Alattas Group and he got chief position in company. He was also talented to raise the company’s title with spirit following to company’s vision. His characteristics that are always optimistic to get the best grades turns out to be bright to bring victory to him. Currently, he serves as Executive Director at Ibrahim Alattas Group. Mr. Indra Pratama Kusumah is Company’s Board of Director. He gives an innovation and solutions faced by IA Group’s company since 2020.

(CEO of Ibrahim Alattas Group)
(Executive Director of Ibrahim Alattas Group)

Mr. Ardinal Muhammad Rizal is an Indonesian citizen, born in Bandung thirty-six years ago. He set his firm career path as an agriculture expert businessman for more than a decade. Through his innovation on agriculture, he develops an agriculture management positively in order to increase Indonesia’s name through agriculture investment industry globally.

His career milestones develop since he appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Coconut State Indonesia.

With his excellences, he believes in the continuous creation of shareholder value is of central importance to consistently delivering success. It is for this very reason that his track record is second to none. He has faith in his job is as pure as Ibrahim Alattas Group’ vision to constantly raise our local, regional and international investment portfolio while keeping a sharp, revolutionary eye on high value progress opportunities on the entire world.